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Backbone Radio, October 30, 2011: Glenn Reynolds

What an incredible week in the stock market with Europe rallying massively and the US not far behind on news of something like a plan to avoid a default of Greek debt. In the meantime, Herman Cain now leads in some national Republican polls, with Newt… more »

Backbone Radio, October 23, 2011

Moammar Gaddafi is dead. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face this weekend (regardless of how the Broncos do) you should reconsider your priorities. During this week's edition of Backbone Radio, we'll talk about the news of the week, including Ha… more »

Backbone Radio, October 16, 2011

It's been an incredible week of news, foreign and domestic, and we'll talk about much of it on this week's edition of Backbone Radio. In the 5 PM hour, we'll be joined by Colorado-based pollster and political analyst Floyd Ciruli to discuss the Republi… more »

Backbone Radio, October 2, 2011

Audio archives for this show: Segment 1 - Intro; Berkeley College Republicans diversity bake sale Segment 2 - Victor Mitchell of, against Proposition 103 Segment 3 - Stock market thoughts; Former congressman and… more »