Backbone Radio, January 22, 2011: Jimmy Sengenberger guest-hosts

From Jimmy Sengenberger:

As the Giants whip the 49'ers a good one, join Jimmy Sengenberger as he returns to News/Talk 710 KNUS's "Backbone Radio!"

(Ross thinks the 49'ers will win...)

FIRST, the presidential candidates are heading into full swing, and the South Carolina Primary will be behind us. What do the results mean ...for the nomination fight? In addition, with Santorum making strides and Gingrich and Romney hitting social issue difficulties, how are social issues playing in this year's primaries - and how should the candidates handle them?

We'll find out the answers with KEVIN MILLER, author of "Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally, or Socialism."

THEN, CU-Boulder's Board of Regents intend on voting for a 16% increase in tuition - after a 9% increase last year. Why is this being considered, what is the likelihood of passage, and what will this mean for students and the university? We'll get differing views from two Regents, Republican JIM GEDDES (CD-6) and Democrat JOE NEGUSE (CD-2), on this and other related higher-ed topics.

AND we'll converse with the Cato Institute's Jim Harper, director of information policy studies, to discuss the Stop Online Piracy Act, which has been stalled in Congress due to an unusually intense public outcry throughout the internet. How exactly will SOPA threaten America - and what can we do to stop it?

PLUS, on Friday a protest put on by Ken Gordon's radical "Clean Slate Now" took place - perpetuating the false idea that the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision was a blow to democracy. Jimmy will counter these ridiculous claims and explain why Citizens United was rightly decided.

Please join me by listening to (and calling in to) this week’s Backbone Radio program from 5 PM to 8 PM on 710 AM KNUS in Denver and 1460 AM KZNT in Colorado Springs.

If you’re not in range of the radio waves, you should be able to listen to the show online by clicking HERE.

I hope you’ll actively participate in the conversation with me: You can call the studio at 303 696 1971.

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