Backbone Radio, November 7, 2010: Colorado election post-mortem

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Segment 1 - Intro
Segment 2 - Colorado Treasurer-elect Walker Stapleton
Segment 3 - John Dennis, libertarian Republican who ran against Nancy Pelosi in 2010 election
Segment 4 - Isaac Smith discusses the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA) and possible conservative responses to "The Colorado Model"
Segment 5 - Discussing the implications of the 2010 elections; liberals think voters are stupid
Segment 6 - National debt; is political optimism well-founded?

While Republicans made huge gains in the House of Representatives -- the largest pick-up by a party in the House since 1938, even while we still don't know the precise total -- and while Colorado did boot two incumbent Democrats and give Republicans control of the state House, it's hard not to see this election as a modest failure in Colorado.

We'll discuss a wide range of state-oriented election issues with my in-studio guests for the whole show, State Senator Greg Brophy and Rich Sokol who is, among other things, a Board Member of the Colorado Republican Business Coalition.  We'll also try to speak with several winners in Colorado elections; scheduling is still ongoing as I write this note, but we have confirmed soon-to-be Treasurer, Walker Stapleton, as a guest in our first hour.

What happened to the Colorado Republican candidates in this 2010 anti-Democrat tsunami?  Sure, some of the answers are obvious such as with the candidacy of Dan "I'm not going anywhere" Maes leading to the election of Governor (wow, it's hard to type that) John Hickenlooper.  But some are much less obvious, such as the surprising loss of US Senate candidate Ken Buck to Michael Bennet and the surprisingly large margin of victory for Ed Perlmutter over Ryan Frazier.

Also, while the GOP did take over the state House of Representatives, they managed to only pick up one seat in the State Senate, a surprising outcome for the chamber that a couple of months ago seemed more likely to flip back to Republican control.

In our second hour, we'll be joined by a man who led one of the most amusing, hopeless, and courageous campaigns in America.  That man is John Dennis, and he challenged...wait for it...Nancy Pelosi, getting 21,000 votes, or about 15% of the total.  (There was actually a Republican in another CA congressional race who did worse than 15%, but I imagine that candidate spent a lot less money...)

Dennis, who is much more libertarian than Republican, is perhaps best known for a campaign video portraying Nancy Pelosi as the Wicked Witch of the West.  (EMI Entertainment, which owns the copyright to the Wizard of Oz, has forced YouTube to restrict the availability of this video; thanks to Rich for sending me a link to a working version  We'll talk with him about his political views, his race, and -- continuing a regular theme on Backbone Radio -- the intersection of Republicans and libertarianism.

We'll then continue our discussion of the 2010 elections and the future of Republican politics in Colorado -- hopefully with your thoughts and calls as well -- for the last hour of the show.

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