A brief summary of the Colorado Governor's race

Readers of these pages are well aware of my thoughts on the Colorado Governor's race.  However, if you're interested in reading my summary of the situation (actually written about 6 days ago), it's up at HumanEvents.com today.

Please see "GOP in Disarray in Colorado Governors Rac", Ross Kaminsky, Human Events, 7/28/10

  • kjdiamond
    Comment from: kjdiamond
    07/28/10 @ 01:30:51 pm

    A very depressing read. The Looper is a shoe-in as govenor. Tancredo should have stayed on the sidelines. Although I like him in some respects, there is too much self-interest involved in him running as the 3rd party candidate. He knows it will split votes among the GOP. He should have worked with the GOP in the background to get someting done. But then again, that is what seems to have gotten us into trouble in the 1st place. I had high hopes for Penry...he should have stuck it out. But now, with the lousy job he is doing in the Norton campaign, he has no political clout. Ugh.