A liberal meets the real (black) world

Yesterday I hosted the Mike Rosen show and had the chance to talk a little bit of race and politics with the one and only Kevin Jackson, proprietor of theblacksphere.net. My brief conversation with Kevin engendered another hour and a half of tremendous radio, the highlight of which was the 12 minutes or so which you can listen to below.

In short, Jim, a self-important white liberal from the northeast who has apparently taken it upon himself to care oh-so-deeply about blacks called in to chastise me and to explain the fundamental difference between George W. Bush and Barack Obama. You may not be surprised to hear that we had different ideas on that. In any case, a few minutes later, we got a call from Anthony, a self-described black conservative Republican who, shall I say, explained to Jim just what he thinks of Jim and his ilk.

It's moments like this that radio show hosts live for...and I think it's well worth your time to listen. If the player doesn't appear on your screen, here's the link:

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