A new low for Newt


My friend Jeff Lord, a Gingrich supporter, makes a wrong-headed defense of Gingrich HERE, to which I responded as follows:

Sorry, Jeff, you're utterly wrong on this one.

First, assuming the National Review article is correct, the option to one version of kosher food was a different version of kosher food. Thus, even if Romney had gotten his way, he would not have been eliminating kosher food from the program.

Second, what sort of conservative even tries to argue that budget cutting is only defensible if it's mandatory, as you imply regarding Romney?

Third, what about getting government out of the nursing home business entirely, or at least "block granting" the spending so we don't have government making these decisions?

If it weren't your guy Gingrich making the reprehensible claims about Romney, you would never stand for the arguments you yourself are making.

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