A theory about the Washington cop killings

Yesterday, a month after an execution-style drive-by killing of a police officer in Seattle, four Tacoma (Washington) area uniformed police officers were shot in a coffee shop as they were doing their morning administrative work on their laptop computers.

We may or may not ever learn with certainty why this gruesome murder happened.  It could have been revenge for something. It could have been cops involved in "business" dealings with very bad people.  It could have been random (though that seems exceptionally unlikely.)

For what it's worth, here's my theory:  I believe these killings are some sort of gang initiation or rite of promotion.

If the perpetrator(s) are found, I hope they are given the death penalty, and I hope that whoever is "executing" the penalty makes a mistake that causes the murderer(s)' death to be exceptionally unpleasant for him/them.  Washington state has only executed 4 people since 1976, so it's far from clear that the death penalty would be handed out, but if there were ever a case where you'd even expect liberals to exact punishment, it is this case.  After all, it did occur in a coffee shop.  To liberals, that's like shooting someone in a church.

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