Allow resumption of silicone breast implant sales

re: FDA to reconsider breast implant ban, amid durability questions (USA Today, 4/11/05) To the Editors: The FDA has recently been too influenced by emotion, public opinion, and excessive risk avoidance instead of basing decisions on objective scientific evidence and letting people make their own informed decisions when known risks are minimal. While there is risk of scarring with any surgical procedure, over a dozen scientific studies including by the Mayo Clinic and the National Science Panel have found no reason to believe that silicone breast implants are not safe. Studies in Europe have reached the same conclusion: there is no evidence that implant ruptures cause connective tissue diseases, immune system problems, or any ailment other than localized soreness. The FDA has already ignored one of its own advisory panel’s recommendations to allow the resumption of silicone breast implant sales. This panel should make the same recommendation and the FDA should accept it. It is time for science, not emotion or attorneys, to determine FDA policy.
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