Another Obama Administration travesty of justice

[Update: Coincidentally, over at the WSJ, Shelby Steele has written a note on the same path as this one, though with a wider view about Barack Obama:]

While the Obama Administration is busy charging a Muslim bomber with a standard criminal charge, they're also doing their best to protect domestic terrorists, the New Black Panthers.  After an obviously criminal evening at a Pennsylvania voting location during the 2008 election during which members of the New Black Panther Party were intimidating voters, the career Justice Department attorney who wanted to pursue the charges against the thugs has been transferred out of DC to a US Attorney's office in South Carolina.

So much for a post-racial presidency, when the Black president and his Black Attorney General and his Black assistant, Loretta King, drop charges against a group whose only reason for existence is anti-white racism mixed with virulent socialism.

If there were ever a slam-dunk conviction for violating voting rights, this was it.  In fact, a judge had already issued default rulings against the defendants...which Holder and Co. simply dismissed.

Apparently the only criminals in America are bankers...particularly bankers who didn't break any laws.

The Obama Administration becomes more reprehensible and tyrannical by the day.

America, you are getting the government you deserve with your lazy, brain-dead, cult-like following of The One, despite all you knew about his friends and influences, his lack of experience, and the fact that the only reason he is president is because of his skin color.  Yes, it's that simple.  For those of you who are not socialists but who voted for him anyway, feel free to apologize.

  • lurker9876
    Comment from: lurker9876
    12/30/09 @ 06:31:37 am

    Not going after the Black Panthers emboldens them at next year's polling places unless many of them hire police for protection. Early voting may be the way to avoid the Black Panther intimidation.