Arlen Specter, this is war

[Update: According to my favorite Pennsylvania journalist, Salena Zito, others (who matter more than I do) agree with me:] Of what use is Arlen Specter? Without his complicity, the Democrats would probably not be able to pass the "stimulus" bill which will likely prove ineffective at best and devastating to our children's economic futures at worst. Without his complicity, President Obama would probably not have been able to get Eric Holder, a self-dealing man of poor judgment, confirmed as Attorney General. Specter's sins go way behind these, but these are two biggies in just the last couple of weeks, and they're the last straw. I hope that conservative organizations and Pennsylvania Republicans encourage and support a primary challenge against our own Manchurian Candidate, a single-man sleeper cell murderer of not just conservative and libertarian principles but of good government. If the stimulus passes with his vote, I will gladly do what I can to help any serious GOP challenger to RINO-in-Chief Arlen Specter.
  • joey
    Comment from: joey
    02/10/09 @ 12:34:33 pm

    I really hate spector.

  • Sean James
    Comment from: Sean James
    02/10/09 @ 12:53:34 pm

    Your blog is perfect. I am sick of people like Specter ruining our party. I just sent him an email requesting he, Snow, Collins, and McCain get out of our part ASAP.

  • Jack Norris
    Comment from: Jack Norris
    02/24/09 @ 01:05:48 pm

    Dear Senator Spector: Shame on you! Most of the stimulus package does NOT stimulate the economy, but instead stimulates socialism. The bill is so bad that many states may refuse the money in order to keep the federal government's hands off of the state's policies. How does that stimulate the economy. How does increasing all of the various welfare programs stimulate the economy? How does a billion dollars going to ACORN stimulate the economy? You were flat wrong to say that the country NEEDED a stimulus bill so badly that you allowed this pathetic bill to pass. Without any stimulus bill, people would have found a place to live, and people would have found a job. But now, with the passing of the stimulus bill, all that we have done is generate a huge debt that our grandkids will have to repay to the federal government before they receive a single benefit from the federal government. You should be ashamed of yourself! You need to talk to some economists that have not been corrupted by Washington. Either that, or resign. In the U.S. Senate are many idiots, ignoramuses, selfish power hungry traitors, and even evil people. Why did you have to join them? I am so disappointed in you as an a U.S. Senator, as an American, and as a human being.