Arrogance inherent in liberalism

re "Obama's liberal arrogance will be his undoing", Jonah Goldberg, LA Times, 4/28/09,0,5623626.column To the Editor: Jonah Goldberg is undoubtedly correct that the arrogance of Barack Obama, his Administration, and Democrats in Congress will eventually have negative electoral consequences for them (with the key word being "eventually".) But calling a dyed-in-the-wool liberal like Barack Obama arrogant is inherently redundant. From the earliest days of the Progressive movement, the progenitor of today's liberals, John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson believed that a cabal of intelligent technocrats could plan our economy (in its broadest sense) far more effectively than leaving the forces of free markets, made up of the opinions of tens of millions of non-Ivy League educated Americans, to do their work. Liberals have always believed their repeated economic failures can be overcome the next time with a slightly smarter central planner and a slightly tweaked plan. Obama is no different. His plans will fail, like all attempts at central planning do. No doubt that the arrogance described by Goldberg is a key factor in liberals' thinking "it will be different this time", but it bears noting that such arrogance is not unique to Obama. Indeed, a view that "I know better than you" is an essential requirement of Progressivism whether in the 1920's or nearly a century later.
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