At least Chris Hayes apologized

On Sunday, MSNBC host Chris Hayes put his foot in it in the worst possible way. Speaking in the context of Memorial Day, Hayes said he is "uncomfortable about the word 'hero' because it seems so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war."

To be fair, he did say that he understands there is such a thing as true heroism, but also that we "marshal this word in a way that is problematic."

What planet does Hayes live on? Planet Nimrod, clearly. Beyond the obvious question of who would think like that, one has to wonder who would speak like that? Nobody who is in touch with real life on Planet Earth.

The liberal intelligentsia is so reflexively anti-war that they are, despite their not-so-brave words to the contrary, also anti-military, which is to say anti-individual military members even if they will not admit it.

Hayes is the elitist version of the Vietnam War protestor spitting on a returning soldier.

John McWhorter of the NY Daily News was equally out of touch and equally deserving of scorn and ridicule: "Sometimes you need to revise. I would almost rather not say 'hero' and come up with a more neutral term which of course would take on partisan resonances as time went is manipulative, I don't think necessarily deliberately."

In other words, for that New York leftist elitist, the word 'hero', along with 'sacrifice' and "valor', is part of some grand conservative "argumentational strategy," as if anyone knows what that means.

Hayes, McWhorter,  and other guests on Hayes' Sunday show are living proof that liberals must try so hard to make themselves sound smart because their actual thoughts are so stupid.

Another liberal went on to say that the word 'hero' is meant to 'drape war in a righteous way." Just goes to show that there are both males and females of the Nimrod species.

Ann Coulter, on Twitter, capsulized the reaction of many: "Chris Hayes 'Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Military 'Heroes' – Marines respond by protecting his right to menstruate."

Not surprisingly, Hayes followed this discussion with an interview of a woman whose son committed suicide after serving just over a year in Iraq, and who blames the Army for his death. (I'm not saying that this poor mother is wrong, just that it was an utterly inappropriate segment on the day before Memorial Day.)

If you can tolerate listening to effete liberals who understand nothing about the real America or real Americans, you can watch this, starting at about 6 1/2 minutes into the video. You will find it almost incomprehensible that MSNBC was able to find in one town on one day so many people with such fanatically anti-military views. But that's Manhattan for you.

At least Hayes had the courage to offer a sincere-sounding apology, though I'm certainly not alone with my suspicion that he truly believes everything he said, and everything his co-religionists in the cult of anti-Americanism said alongside him to besmirch our soldiers -- living, dead, and fallen -- on this Memorial Day weekend.

Our soldiers take an oath to defend America against enemies foreign and domestic. Clearly, domestic enemies are in MSNBC studios, though I don't suggest they be punished or harmed. They have every right to be idiots, though one would prefer that they at least recognize who is risking life and limb to protect that right. While I understand the temptation to waterboard Chris Hayes, the right answer is to understand that he represents today's Democratic Party. The proper punishment for Mr. Hayes and his ilk is to make sure their TV ratings are as low as possible (which may already be the case when it comes to Mr. Hayes' show) and to vote against Democratic candidates, other than those who (unlike John Kerry) have served with honor, at every opportunity.

  • acos1313
    Comment from: acos1313
    05/29/12 @ 03:08:41 pm

    Saw your article from andrew sullivan's site. Where to begin. First, you are not the sole arbiter of what it means to be an American, or what it means to be a hero. There are many different definitions; or do you live in a reality that is absolutist and fundamentalist? Were the soldiers at My Lai heros? What about the ones who have raped and murdered little girls in Japan? No doubt many have made the ultimate sacrifice for America, but their sacrifice is only as good as we honor it with honorable behavior as Americans. Waging wars filled with the murder of civilians besmirches the honor of those we remember on Memorial Day. Your article sounds like it was written in the throes of anger at those with whom you disagree; a true journalist or writer needs to retain some perspective. Your rants are just as extreme as Michael Moore or any other blathering lefty who wields assumptions and generalizations as their main weapons. Freedom of Speech is alive and well, as it should be, and the folks on MSNBC were taking an important, philosophical look at the two wars that have consumed our nation as of late, and their resulting affects on society. Not every soldier is a hero, and not every soldier is a hero. Otherwise, we need to also thank every paramedic, social worker, teacher or parent who works hard to serve our nation and its citizens. The only domestic enemy here is the one you have created in the tiny, closed-minded, fear-ridden world in your head.

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