Backbone Radio, January 29, 2012: Changing of the Guard

It is with a combination of sadness, happiness, and pride, that I tell you that the January 29, 2012 edition of Backbone Radio will be my last as its "permanent" host.

I'll be moving on to other radio endeavors, which you can read about on my web site HERE. I look back with pride on the last two years of hosting Backbone Radio, believing that I'm leaving it in at least as strong a position as it was in when John Andrews entrusted it to me almost exactly two years ago.

But as the saying says, the show must go on. And so it will, with Jimmy Sengenberger taking over as the primary interim host of Backbone Radio while management decides who will permanently fill the captain's chair.

In the meantime, we'll have a great show for you this Sunday.

During the 5 PM hour, we'll talk with Professor of Economics Michael Stroup about economic freedom, at every level from international to national to right here in Colorado.

And during the 6 PM hour, we'll talk with State Senator Greg Brophy about legislation he'll be putting forward to repeal Colorado's civil libel law. Did you know that in circumstances in Colorado, you can say something about a person and be charged with a crime...even if what you say is true?

During the 7 PM hour, my last hour hosting Backbone Radio, we'll talk some presidential politics as we'll be less than 48 hours from the very important Florida Republican primary election.

Please join me by listening to (and calling in to) this week’s Backbone Radio program from 5 PM to 8 PM on 710 AM KNUS in Denver and 1460 AM KZNT in Colorado Springs.

If you’re not in range of the radio waves, you should be able to listen to the show online by clicking HERE.

I hope you’ll actively participate in the conversation with me: You can call the studio at 303 696 1971.

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