Backbone Radio update for Nov 21, 2010

I have been able to print a copy of a recently released "magazine" put out by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  This issue of the magazine "Inspire" is all about what AQAP is calling "Operation Hemorrhage", the plot to blow up cargo plains which was recently foiled, perhaps just minutes before disaster.

The "magazine", which I will not link to or otherwise include on my own web page, is a remarkable and disturbing work of propaganda, talking about technical details of the operation, providing radical religious justifications for the attacks, and generally taunting the West, not least by saying how much (or rather how little) their attempted bombings cost them.

In a sense, discussing this magazine's contents fits very well into the already planned discussion of the public and Congressional outcry against new intrusive TSA screening techniques, so we'll spend most of the last hour of this evening's show talking about national security in the context of an adapting enemy.

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