Barack and his illegal alien aunt

Thanks to John S., a 20+ year veteran of our immigration law enforcement services, for this note. How typical of a Democrat to say on the campaign trail that he "is his brother's keeper"and "his sister's keeper". But apparently not his aunt's...nor his half-brother in Kenya, both of whom live in poverty despite Obama's admission that me "makes a lot more than $250,000 a year." As usual, Democrats are very free with your money but very tight with their own. In the grandest traditions of corrupt politicians, the Obama campaign, and most likely, the candidate himself, are outraged that his Aunt was "outed" by the Associate Press. So much so, that they are heeding the old adage: "If you don't like the message, shoot the messenger". Forget about the fact that the message is true. Forget about the fact that it calls into question whether or not Senator Obama may have used his office and/or his position either as an Illinois legislator or his position as a United States Senator to interceed on his aunt's behalf. Rather, it's now a major federal investigation to determine who it was that dared to breathe a word of this "family matter" to the press. Here is the link to the story: Hint: Illegal aliens do not enjoy Privacy Act protection. This is a well established fact. Yet, John Conyers is demanding an investigation to determine who "leaked" the information, ostensibly so the government and/or the Obama campaign can destroy this miscreant. Why, you ask? Because someone dared to speak THE TRUTH. Outed in what way you ask? Well it appears that Obama's Aunt (his father's half sister) Zeituni Onyango, apparently entered the US as a non immigrant visitor for pleasure (aka TOURIST), overstayed her authorized period of stay, filed for, get this, political asylum from Kenya, was denied by the immigration judge and ordered to leave the country. Rather than leave, she ensconced herself in public housing and has been receiving other public assistance. Guess that is the meaning of "Spread the Wealth" that Senator Obama was talking about when he spoke with the now infamous "Joe the Plumber". Here are the potential questions that can be raised as a result of this information going "public": A. Did Obama help his Auntie get her tourist visa? Did he "vouch" for her thereby ensuring that her visa would be issued rather than denied by the American Consulate in Nairobi? B. Did he assist her in her application for asylum in the United States (Form I-589). Did he arrange to have someone else help her, or assist her, or represent her (as in attorney). C. Once the application for asylum in the United States was denied by USCIS Asylum and referred to the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), did he further involve himself in this matter. If so, if he did so officially, then it is a conflict of interest. D. Did Obama involve himself in her removal hearing? Did he offer testimony, either in writing or in person? Did he try to exert influence so as to skew the outcome of the hearing? E. Once his aunt was ordered removed from the United States, did Senator Barack Hussein Obama II encourage his aunt to remain in the US knowing that she was illegally present and in flagrant disregard of that fact, assist her, help her, shield her from detection, and/or encouraged her to remain in the US illegally? THIS question is really important because if the answer is "Yes" and it can be proven, then Barack Hussein Obama II committed a federal felony. I refer you to 8 USC 1324. Oh yeah, and Auntie? She committed a federal felony as well by failing to depart. 8 USC 1253. One last question. Given the fact that "Auntie" has donated money to Obama's campaign, does anyone dare ask the question: "Is his Aunt, who is an illegal alien in this country, registered to vote?" For if she is, she then committed yet another federal felony, False Claim to US Citizenship, see 18 USC 911. It's also a deportable act for which there is no, repeat "no" relief available. Care to ask if ICE will investigate, or sweep it under the rug? Perhaps a letter to Senator Ted Kennedy or Senator John Kerry asking these very probing questions is in order. Also a letter to Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA is in order given the fact that "Auntie Z" is in public housing. Hmmm. . . . it gets better every minute. Add to this the question of whether or not Barack Hussein Obama II was actually born in the US or not, and you have the recipe for a Presidential Election revolving around the issue of immigration in a way no one ever thought possible. And the beat goes on. John
  • Mark
    Comment from: Mark
    11/03/08 @ 11:18:59 am

    Of course Obama involved himself. On the applications from his aunt, wherever information or a choice needed to be made it just said "present". Case closed!