Beauprez offered Voorhis help 18 months ago

Throughout the Cory Voorhis case, radio talk show host Peter Boyles, who did a tremendous amount of good for Voorhis and for justice by championing Voorhis in the case, never missed a chance to attack Bob Beauprez, accusing him of abandoning Voorhis in his time of greatest need. I was on the air frequently with Boyles because of my "investigative reporting" about the case, and each time when I was trying to talk about how the justice system was persecuting Voorhis at the at-least-implied behest of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Boyles found a way to attack Beauprez, and each time I responded to Boyles that I believed he would be proven wrong about Beauprez. I know Bob Beauprez a little bit and he has always struck me as an honest and honorable man. I supported him in his campaign for governor, but was not blind to the fact that the campaign wasn't very good and he wasn't likely to win. It makes the recent news revelation that much more relevant. Bob Beauprez has released on his web site a letter which he received from Cory Voorhis in which Voorhis acknowledges and thanks Beauprez for offering assistance 18 months ago, at the beginning of Voorhis' ordeal. You can read the letter at Beauprez's web site here: Voorhis' attorneys turned down the offer because they did not want to risk the case appearing to be about partisanship. Beauprez said nothing publicly and was pilloried in the media, particularly by Peter Boyles, yet maintained his silence even though making his prior offer public would have been much better for him personally. Just as many people owe apologies to Cory Voorhis for assuming him to be guilty, those who attacked Beauprez without giving him the benefit of the doubt as to his honor should offer Beauprez the praise he has earned at great personal expense to his reputation. I was very pleased to hear that Bob Beauprez joined Peter Boyles in studio this morning and Boyles offered Beauprez an apology. You can hear the clip from the radio show here: It raises my opinion of Peter Boyles, though I have to say I wish he were as fair to Beauprez throughout the Voorhis case as he was to others. Indeed, the real villain in the case, Bill Ritter, seemed to be treated better by Boyles than Beauprez was. In any case, I'm sure the apology wasn't an easy thing for Boyles to do, and I very much appreciate that he offered it.
  • rusty Staff
    Comment from: rusty Staff
    04/18/08 @ 08:42:41 am

    Wow! Very impressed with all parties. Especially Beauprez for taking all that flak and Peter for apologizing. Perhaps in the future Peter might be a bit more measured in his criticism of other public figures. Don Rumsfeld might have said: Peter knows a lot. But he only knows what he knows. He doesn't know what he doesn't know and perhaps there is a lot that he, nor none of us, know in the way of information behind our leaders' decisions. Sometimes a strong leader has to just be stoic and take the flak. I wonder how Ritter is feeling today..

  • Anon
    Comment from: Anon
    04/24/08 @ 09:46:30 am

    I remember Peter Boyles when he did local late night commercials for a local furniture store. He was a putz then, he is a putz now.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    04/24/08 @ 11:09:05 am

    As far as Boyles being a putz, I wouldn't quite go that far. I think he made a big mistake in constantly attacking Beauprez throughout the Voorhis case, but I believe he had a real impact in bringing Cory's case to the public attention. There's simply no way the jury wasn't affected by Boyles' show. Peter is terrible on economics, but when he gets his teeth into something like the Voorhis case, he's solid and valuable.