Bennet campaign figures out that Bennet epitomizes elite insider

Appointed Senator Michael "Who?" Bennet, Ivy League-graduate multimillionaire preppy WASP extraordinaire, seems to be realizing (or at least his campaing staff are) that he has a problem relating to the average Coloradoan.

With his oddly-chosen shirts (does he want us to think he's a farmer?) and even more odd choice of sport coat, Bennet looks like a man in desperate search of a personality.

(picture from Bennet campaign web site)

Of course, being friends with a guy so universally perceived to be a detached narcissistic elitist pro-Muslim Marxist doesn't help either:

(AP photo via NY Daily News)

To be sure, I have nothing against WASPs or Ivy Leaguers (I am one, as is Bennet's opponent, Ken Buck) or multi-millionaires (I hope to be one) or even the so-called elite. But the combination is pretty hard to sell to Colorado voters, especially at a time when people are furious with rich, detached elitists.

So it was fairly amusing to receive an e-mail from Bennet's wife, Susan Daggett, who, like Bennet, went to Yale Law School, talking about how she "wore (her) Chucks to the campaign office" and started "calling these shoes (her) 'all-stars' -- and soon, everyone in the office was wearing theirs too."  (You can see Bennet and Dagget's wedding announcement in the NY Times for a Thurston Howell III-like description of their families, who I am sure are very nice and good people.)

Now I don't doubt that Mrs. Bennet owns a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes, and I don't even doubt that she likes them.  They are, after all, pretty cool.

But getting an e-mail about it from the Bennet campaign, including their own little picture of a bunch of feet making a circle of varying color Chuck Taylors, is a lot more about trying to recast Bennet as "one of us" than it's about the stated goal of "making things work, finding practical solutions, and being ready to move fast when necessary."

Michael "Who" Bennet should be, and I presume will be, much less appealing than Ken Buck not just on issue after issue but also on personality.  Even if you were a person who isn't Mr. Buck's biggest fan, at least he seems "real", at least as real as a potential senator is likely to be.  Bennet seems most like a political Walter Mitty, a metaphor defined at as "A person, generally quite ordinary or ineffectual, who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs."

A perfect example of the "who am I and what do I believe?" personality of our appointed senator is seen in the following C-SPAN video (H/T -- click on this link if video does not appear in your browser just below.)

Bennet (and our other oh-so-admirable senator, Mark Udall) voted "No" on a particular amendment to a Senate bill. Then they hear Chuck Schumer vote "Aye" (at about 3:06:48 into the video clip). Then you can see Bennet (and Udall) scurry in from the top right of the screen (just to the left of the CSPAN "Live" logo and time) over to Schumer who says something to them. Then at 3:07:52, Bennet changes his vote to "Aye." (And then a few seconds later, Udall changes his vote too.)


Sorry, Senator Bennet, having your wife wear cool shoes does not make you a man of the people.  Understanding the right way to vote because it's the right way to vote would be a big step in the right direction, but you're incapable of that as well.  So, while I appreciate the enthusiasm of your bride in trying to help you win your re-election, if there's one thing the American people are wary of after the last 18 months, it's a spineless Progressive in blank-slate sheep's clothing.


  • mangyredbonehound
    Comment from: mangyredbonehound
    08/20/10 @ 11:22:44 am

    Thanks for the link to the wedding announcement. It looks like what you would have expected the announcement to have said for the wedding in Wedding Crashers.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    08/22/10 @ 06:42:22 am

    "The bride, 33, a lawyer, is to join the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, formerly the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, in Denver"(refer to NY Times article) That's all you need to know to tell you who Senator Who is!