Bob Barr won me a beer

Congratulations to Libertarian Candidate Bob Barr. In both Indiana and North Carolina, Barr received more votes than Obama won those states by. In other words, if you believe that Libertarian votes would have gone Republican (something I think is much less true than it might have been 4 or 8 years ago), John McCain might have won one or both of those states had Bob Barr not been on the ballot. Given that I had bet someone a beer that Obama would get over 340 electoral votes, I really needed one of those states to go Blue. After all, what could have been worse than to get a president Obama AND to lose a beer? I realize the Libertarian Party is far from perfect and will probably not win an election to Congress during my lifetime, much less the presidency. And I disagree with them on a few issues, including open borders (I’m not for them) and isolation (I’d like to get the troops out of Iraq, but not immediately without regard to consequences on the ground.) But they do bring a message of liberty that I appreciate and I hope more Americans learn about over time. I realize that most liberals live in an echo chamber that doesn’t allow them to believe a non-liberal could ever lose a race outside the deep south, but I believe the country is essentially libertarian, at least apart from San Francisco, Manhattan, Boulder and similar places on the left, and Colorado Springs and a few places on the right. What I hope, and the reason I voted Libertarian (again) even though I’m a registered Republican is that the GOP might eventually figure out that they need to get back to being the party of James Madison, i.e. essentially libertarian, in order to win elections. The GOP lost control of the Senate in 2006 because of the presence of Libertarian candidates in Missouri and Montana. Tuesday, they lost two historically red states in part because of the presence of a Libertarian candidate and came within 1/10th of 1% of having the same thing happen in Missouri. It’s time for the GOP to get its act together and to thank Bob Barr for the lesson, just as I thank Bob Barr for my upcoming cold Guinness.
  • Gold Farmer
    Comment from: Gold Farmer
    11/06/08 @ 06:24:55 am

    It's unwise to dismiss the Libertarian Party without looking at the history of third parties in other countries. For example, the current ruling party in Mexico, the PAN, had been in existence for 50 years before they won seats in the legislature. It may seem unlikely that Libertarians will win seats, but it is more likely than the Republicans supporting liberty.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    11/06/08 @ 06:50:53 am

    Gold Farmer, I love your last sentence. Ross