Bob Beauprez Should Run For Governor

re: A no vote on Bob Beauprez's question (Denver Post editorial, 4/10/05),1413,36~417~2804861,00.html To the Editors: While I understand your concerns about Bob Beauprez leaving DC, I disagree with your conclusion. Rep. Beauprez has done a tremendous job gaining influence on key Congressional committees and could become a leader in the House, but he should run for Governor. As Coloradans the danger is clear: Democrats control both houses of the legislature and we can not risk the election of a Democrat as governor. Governor Owens, once fiscally responsible, is now going along with a $3 billion tax increase. It’s frightening to imagine what the legislature would have proposed if we had a Democratic Governor. If Beauprez could lose a run for governor it’s all the more reason he should be the candidate since any other Republican is less likely to win. As Coloradans we need Bob Beauprez to defend us against the big-government Democratic state legislature even more than we need him in Washington.
  • MrHandy2001
    Comment from: MrHandy2001
    02/18/06 @ 02:03:59 pm

    Bob Beauprez and "Big Government" go hand in hand. It is often what one does not know that is the real danger. For example, in a recent TRIM REport of key issues dealing with tax increases and "Big Government" "Both Ways Bob" actually scored lower than Diana DeGette and Mark Udall!!! Of the entire Colorado delegation (2005)excluding John Salazar who was not in office, of 8 key votes on increasing the size of "Big Government", Bob Beauprez outscored Diana DeGette and Mark Udall by a substantial margin. Bob scored 8 out of eight (100%) as liberal and for "Big Government." Joel Hefley scored 90% conservative and against "Big Goverment" as did Tom Tancredo at 80%. Bob Beauprez was 100% in the other direction with Musgrave, Udall and DeGett in the middle. To be fair, all were scored on the exact same votes. See for yourself at You should also know that Bob Beauprez only received a rating of 68% form the National Union of Taxpayers. If Bill Owens has gone native, Bob Beauprez is already there my friend.