Bodies of Kidnapped High School Students Found in West Bank

The bodies of three young men, assumed to be the two Israeli and one Israeli-American yeshiva (religious high school) students kidnapped on June 12th, have been found "under a pile of rocks in an open field" between two towns in the West Bank, according to NY Times reporting. Initial reports are that the boys had been shot.

Let neither our utterly worthless Secretary of State, John Kerry, nor his utterly worthless predecessor, Hillary Clinton, utter a word about "calm" or "the peace process."

It is time -- well past time -- to end all US financial support for the murderous Palestinians who, even when not directly involved in attacks on civilians and children, celebrate such attacks while teaching their own children that Jews are monsters deserving of suffering and death.

Israel should find and kill everybody involved in the kidnapping and every Hamas official who sanctioned or even tolerated it.

And the world must understand that Hamas (and probably the faux-moderates in Fatah) share much more with ISIS than they share with the civilized world. It is a debilitating psychological condition which for most people can only be cured by death. Some need the cure sooner than others.

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