Boehner Punishes the Principled

A friend e-mailed me some months ago to suggest that I contribute money to a particular congressman's campaign. My friend is a Democrat of some national prominence, and I responded to him, "You know I never give money to Democrats."

He said, "No, this guy is a libertarian-leaning Republican, sort of like a young, sane Ron Paul." So I said I'd do some homework and consider a contribution if the congressman would be willing to have a phone conversation with me.

The next day, with the ringing of my cell phone, began my introduction to Congressman Justin Amash (pronounced uh-mosh'), the 32-year old representative of Michigan's 3rd Congressional District (Grand Rapids and surrounding areas).

We spoke for nearly half an hour, on topics ranging from abortion to government spending to national defense and -- this was Justin's topic -- the idea of private enterprises issuing competing currencies given the debasement being done to the U.S. dollar by our Federal Reserve and Treasury. Clearly, no inside-the-box thinker on my hands.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator, which includes an extensive exclusive interview of Congressman Amash:

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