Border issue leaves only "war on women" from Dems

Hundreds of Central American children held at an American Air Force base remind us of the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Another thousand future illegal immigrants riding atop a Mexican "death train," anticipating their permisos en los Estados Unidos, remind us of the lawless policy that is causing this predictable crisis.

But it is the criticism by Hispanics and African-Americans of President Obama's response to the tsunami of adult and pint-sized illegal immigrants which suggests the political catastrophe that these events will unleash on Democrats during elections barely three months away.

Please read the rest of my Op-Ed for the Denver Post here:

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    07/29/14 @ 11:01:54 am

    Replying to someone who left comment on the DP about this post. The reply was lengthy but my reply is short about the immigration comments: When Obama had both houses of congress, they could have passed anything they wanted where immigration reform is concerned but they did not. All during the administration, all that he is offered anyway is speeches, not legislation. All they ever want is issues, not solutions.

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