Boulder Holidaze

If you're not a pothead (I'm not) and if you don't live near a pot mecca like Boulder, Colorado (I do), you might not know that today, 4/20, is something of a national holiday for marijuana devotees.

It isn't, as urban legend would have you believe, because the police radio code for marijuana use or trafficking is a "four-twenty" or that a section of some state's penal code relating to pot is Section 420. Instead, according to, it originally started as the time that a bunch of stoners in a California high school regularly met to get high.

But it's become much more than a small gathering and something of a "counterculture holiday" -- more accurately "holidaze" -- particularly right here in Boulder, Colorado, a town full of people whom a friend recently described as "stoned and fresh and organic." On 4/20, organic is optional and you can definitely forget about fresh, at least as far as personal hygiene is involved. Stoned, for sure.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

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