Boulder police have DUI arrest quotas...

re: Attorneys disclose DUI arrest quotas (4/11/05),1713,BDC_2423_3693155,00.html To the Editors: It’s no surprise to learn that Boulder police have arrest quotas for DUIs. While the city might argue that quotas ensure police do their jobs, they are really nothing more than a revenue-raising policy. I recently went to court to fight a baseless speeding ticket. The judge ruled against me but said I was “a credible witness” and lowered my fine by $20, less than the $25 court fee. How I took that was “I believe you, but Boulder needs the money.” The police should not be used as another form of taxation. If we have so many police that there isn’t enough work for them outside of taking our money, Boulder should impose a hiring freeze and let the number of officers decline through retirement. We need police who keep us safe, not who keep themselves busy by taking our money.
  • T. F. Stern
    Comment from: T. F. Stern
    04/14/05 @ 04:23:58 pm

    What's the Billy Crystal line, "Don't get me started"? I was a cop for twenty years and there always have been traffic ticket quotas and always will be, not that they will ever admit it because such things are against the law. The fact remains that when putting together a city budget part of the revenue is projected from traffic tickets. When those numbers do not match; look out because there will be an instant emphisis on traffic problems that need immediate special traffic task force to solve the problem. The problem is not the traffic; but the lack of funding being generated. Like I said, "Don't get me started".