Burning books

NATO Commanding General John Allen and Obama administration Press Secretary Jay Carney were more apologetic than a bacon salesman at a rabbi convention after some Korans (copies of the Muslim holy book, much like the bible to Jews and Christians) were burned along with other books at a US military base in Afghanistan.

Afghans reacted by calling for those who burned the books to stand trial, and by chanting "Death to America!"

The Taliban called it an act of disrespect.

Tell you what guys: I say "Yes, I disrespect you, utterly and completely." Not because of your religion per se, but because your priorities, such as putting the pages of a book of which there are many millions of copies above the value of human life. Such as thinking that an appropriate response to some singed pages is to call for the death of a nation which spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives liberating you from Islamofascism which you seem intent on suffering under again, or at least too stupid and corrupt to avoid.

I disrespect you for your violent primitivism, for your proving almost daily that your country is not worth one American life or one American dollar.

And I disrespect our government for pandering to your anti-human fanaticism.

The right answer by NATO and our government should have been "Your people desecrated your books by using them as a tool of war. We destroy our enemies' tools of war, whether books or bombs. As for the future possibility of more Korans being burned, we promise you nothing except that we won't go out of our way to burn them just for the sake of burning them. If you don't like it, tough noogies. By the way, for every American who dies as a result of protests against this recent accident, we will turn 10 square miles of your country into glass. If it will make you feel any better, take a few of these Gideon bibles which we found in the drawers at the Holiday Inn and roast marshmallows over them. I'm sure you'll feel much better. But if you don't, well, go tell it to Mohammed. If you don't know what he looks like, I'm sure we can find you a picture from a Danish newspaper. Oh, you don't like pictures either???"

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