Bush signs Border Fence bill

This afternoon, President Bush signed a bill to build a 700-mile long fence along our southern border with Mexico. I've had mixed feelings about a fence, but if it really works rather than just shuffling illegals to a different entrance point, it's probably worth the very high cost. Current estimates are between $5 billion and $7 billion, but as with all things government I'd expect it to go over budget. This was obviously a very political move, as well, trying to motivate the GOP base to go to the polls in a week and a half. My guess is that mainstream media will give this story a few seconds of coverage and then spend several minutes talking about how October is already the worst month for US deaths in Iraq in over a year.
  • Abe
    Comment from: Abe
    10/26/06 @ 10:34:03 pm

    I'm mixed about the fence as well. I feel compassion for people in Mexico who are trying to come here to create a better life for themselves, but we can't just let in every immigrant -- especially without documentation. The government has a birth certificate, social security number, etc for me -- and should for these people too. Additionally, our open border is a threat when it comes to terrorism. It just is. We can have all the airport security we want to keep terrorists out -- but all they have to do is cross the southern border. In the end, I think it is a good move. We have to take steps to keep illegal immigrants out. I do think that we need to continue to allow legal immigrants in. From the first settlers, America is a country of immigrants. We should embrace that heritage.

  • Abe
    Comment from: Abe
    10/26/06 @ 10:37:12 pm

    Also, CNN's current news headlines, in order are: 1) Arsonist and fire in Palm Springs 2) Cards take 3-1 lead 3) Nasdaq breaks record 4) Bush OK's 700 mile fence 5) E.coli 6) Muslim cleric sidelined Iraq didn't make the top stories. It probably will tomorrow -- as it should -- our soldiers are dying daily, and our tax dollars are being squandered.

  • Guillermo Pineda
    Comment from: Guillermo Pineda
    11/02/06 @ 07:55:48 pm

    Let's talk about it clearly. Never in history has a wall stopped people from going to the other side of it. What makes US politicians think this one will do so? What I cannot believe is how is it that US constituents have supported such an irrational decision that will only “delay” Hispanic undocumented migrants from going north of Rio Grande. At the end the rates of undocumented migration will continue growing… and growing… and growing… That whole stuff about stopping migration getting to the United States is just a pointless issue. First, there is plenty of money in the US for migrants to find even the most difficult option to get over the US-Mexico border. Second, there are also planes and boats that go to the US from Latin America. Have United States politicians forgotten about Hispanics getting to the United States via airplanes and boats? Third, I think Americans have forgotten that their taxes are going to pay for a useless wall. How fun… they complain about many other stuff but they just simple were following their rational ignorance about the money that is going to be used to build that grey concrete wall. Forth, lets put it clear… as a friend of mine told me a couple months ago ONLY A MINING FIELD ALL ACROSS THE BORDER WILL STOP US FROM GOING TO THE UNITED STATES!!! So, let us open borders and create wealth together!!!