College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader

Thanks to Tom for passing this link along Here's a story which you won't hear in the dominant liberal media: A college student pulled a gun out of a backpack and shot an armed intruder who appeared to be preparing to rape several college girls, including the gun-toting student's girlfriend. You can read the story here: This of course doesn't fit in with the liberal narrative that we'd all be safer if only it were much harder for ordinary citizens to obtain or register weapons. Congratulations to the as-yet unnamed student who defended his friends and himself, and who put the armed criminal where he belongs.
  • roger olson
    Comment from: roger olson
    05/07/09 @ 05:48:55 pm

    Thanks for the article Ross. May the jerk go to his eternal reward in his dirt nap. Ha rot away the jerk dumb ass scum bag. Thank God the one student had a gun and was not afraid to use it. Hope the other guy is caught and hauled away until he rots in prison.

  • Grady Puryear
    Comment from: Grady Puryear
    06/09/09 @ 01:59:07 pm

    Within the last few days a similar instance occurred in Houston, some complete fool was breaking into cars and etc. in full view of and in the prescence of multiple witnesses. The Police were called, and while waiting on them to arrive, he attempted a car jacking. One of the bystanders, who is a legal Concealed Carry individual, popped the bad guy in the head. Way to go !

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    06/09/09 @ 02:03:47 pm

    Here's the link that Grady was talking about: