Colorado anti-gun legislator has criminal record

Making the news today due to a blog posting by Media Trackers is the story that Rhonda Fields, one of the leaders of the assault on gun rights by Democrats in the Colorado state legislature, has a criminal record:

While I wasn't aware of these facts not living anywhere near Ms. Fields' Aurora district, this is in fact an old story, though made more dramatic by the mug shot (which I had originally posted in this note but have since decided is unnecessarily inflammatory.)

 The report says that the original mugshot picture came from the Magpul Industries Facebook site and was posted by a private (non-Magpul user), but it appears that it first showed up on another Facebook page, likely GunsForEveryone.

Media Trackers do show a document from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation which seems to back up the claim that Fields was arrested in 1976 for larceny and 1991 for shoplifting. Also interesting to note that Ms. Fields (not of cookie fame), has used at least 5 different names. I assume that some of that might be maiden names versus married names. And perhaps her criminal behavior, which was not recent, was the product of youthful indiscretion. Nevertheless, it is galling to have someone with a criminal record trying to disarm law-abiding Coloradoans.

The response from Ms. Fields and her friend in the legislature is that this is old news, that she's not proud of it, and doesn't like to talk about it. You don't say.

Indeed, it is old news, with the Denver Post having reported on Fields' record (along with other candidates who had criminal records) in 2010.

I take Ms. Fields at her word when she says "I'm so glad I'm not the woman I was back then." I'm glad, too, though at least back then she only hurt a few people with her crimes rather than the thousands of Coloradoans she aims to put at risk through crimes posed as legislation.

You'd think that someone who had been a criminal, even if driven by dire circumstances, would understand better than anyone that there are bad people out there, that even otherwise good people have the potential to do bad things, and that it is important that we have the right to defend ourselves.

I would add something else: Ms. Fields' son, Javad Marshall-Fields, along with his girlfriend, Vivian Wolfe, were murdered in 2005 prior to testifying against gangster Sir Mario Owens. The shooter, Robert Ray, has been sentenced to death, as has Owens. As a parent, and having seen the effect on my mother of the death of my brother (accident, not murder), I can barely attempt to imagine Ms. Fields' pain at the loss of her son. And with a gun having taken the life of her loved one, it is difficult to be as angry with Ms. Fields' misguided attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens as with other Democrats such as Edie "the statistics aren't with the rape victim" Hudak for whom there is absolutely no excuse.

But despite my sympathy for Ms. Fields, I do not forgive her and her colleagues for any of their feel-good, let's-just-do-something assault on our constitutional and natural rights. Nor will I forgive Governor John Hickenlooper -- who has mostly governed as a moderate -- if he goes along with them.

[Meanwhile, Magpul, which will leave Colorado if the pending ban on magazines with capacity greater than 15 rounds becomes law, is offering a special deal, called the Boulder Airlift, to Coloradoans on several magazines for AR-15 style rifles.]

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