Colorado off-year election thoughts

While there are no state-wide candidates on Colorado's mail-in ballot this year, there are nevertheless a few things worth paying close attention to and worth voting on.

First, Proposition 103, a gigantic tax hike marketed, as usual, as being "for the children." While discussing the issue with me on Backbone Radio, former State Rep Victor Mitchell who chairs described a debate he had with the Proposition's main proponent, State Senator Rollie Heath (D-Boulder). Mitchell stated that his group's economist predicted Prop 103 would cost the state 119,000 jobs. Heath disagreed...and then said his side believed it would "only" cost the state 30,000 jobs. And that's from the measure's key backer.

Beyond the fact that it's incomprehensible to propose a massive income tax hike (along with a more modest but still unacceptable sales tax hike) at this time (incomprehensible both in terms of economics and politics), Proposition 103 does not include anything about reforming the way K-12 education money is currently spent. If people are unhappy with Colorado public schools' performance, and if throwing more money at it for the past decade has not helped one bit, why would anyone thing that throwing even more money at it now would make a difference?

Even the Denver Post decided, at long last, to oppose Prop 103, though with a horrible argument which accepted the "modest" $3 billion (over five years) tax hike as not unreasonable. No wonder nobody pays much attention to the Denver Post anymore.

Interestingly, two Boulder area female teachers told me the other day that they oppose Proposition 103 because they've simply heard this same siren song too many times and even they are not falling for it anymore.


Next is the Jefferson County School Board election. In JeffCo, unlike in Boulder County where I live, there are two good choices for election to the County School Board.

They are Jim Powers and Preston Branaugh.

(Preston will be on the Mike Rosen show on Newsradio 850 KOA today, October 18, at 10 AM.)

These gentlemen, if elected, will begin to break the union stranglehold on Jefferson County Public Education, a change that's much needed. If there were ever something "for the children" worth doing, it's voting in "the Dads."

Just a few examples of what's going on in this race:


The union backed candidates in Jefferson County need to go, at least if you care about kids' education more than you care about maximizing union dues.

In Jefferson County School Board elections, VOTE FOR JIM POWERS AND PRESTON BRANAUGH.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    10/18/11 @ 07:49:57 am

    If people were willing to vote for Hickenlooper, I see no reason they would not vote for 103.

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