Colorado legislators considering statewide smoking ban

re: Panel advances smoking ban,1413,36%257E53%257E2811339,00.html To the Editors: Supporters of a smoking ban abandon principle and ignore science. Just because the public is allowed into a place does not mean the place is public property. Bars, restaurants, and casinos are private property and decisions about everything from food to entertainment to smoking should be left to their owners. If people don’t want to frequent or work at a smoky bar, they can go elsewhere. If there is enough demand, the free market will cause someone voluntarily to open a smoke-free bar. The few studies which claimed a connection between second-hand smoke and disease were junk science. The authors started with a conclusion and tried to find data they could massage to fit that conclusion. They didn’t even do that well. Despite emotional pleas, there is no good evidence that second-hand smoke is sufficiently dangerous to justify trampling property rights.
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