Colorado teachers and their union dues

The Independence Institute ( has created an important and useful information for Colorado's unionized teachers. Teachers in other states probably have a lot to learn from it as well. The site, called the Education Policy Center, can be found at It explains how teachers and request refunds of the part of their dues which would otherwised be used for political activities. It explains the time frame in which teachers must ask their districts or unions to stop deducting dues and fees from their paychecks. And it has documents about "Unions and teacher issues". All in all, it's a great resource for public school teachers who do not want to support the blind left-wing anti-student political activities of teachers' unions with their hard-earned salaries. If you know any public school teachers, particularly in Colorado, please pass the web site link on to them.
  • Ben
    Comment from: Ben
    12/06/05 @ 02:58:32 pm

    Thanks for helping us to publicize this.