Compounding natural disaster with government disaster

The ever-reliable supporters of big government at CNN (no different from any other "mainstream" media outlet, to be sure) offer this interesting insight: Political antagonism toward deficits may exacerbate the long-term impact of natural disasters by lessening the federal government's ability to help.

This, like the approach to every other issue which becomes the subject of liberal cogitation, assumes that humans are too stupid to change their behavior when their environment changes.

To wit, if states know that there isn't a free bucket of federal money awaiting should something bad happen, they will reserve more prudently, creating "rainy day funds" for disasters like Irene. The same goes for individuals who, whether self-insuring like states or purchasing insurance policies, will better prepare for disasters rather than relying on the forced charity of residents of other states to subsidize their bad luck or intentional risk-taking. Furthermore, the discipline imposed by self-insuring or by the provisions of a private policy won't only improve financial preparations for disasters, but will improve the physical preparations for them as well. (How many of you have added an alarm system to your house or car to lower your insurance premiums and your own risk?)

Please read the rest of my article for the American Spectator here:

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