Connie Hair with some serious health care "inside baseball"

For those interested in the workings of the Senate as Harry Reid tries to guide the destruction of America's health care system, Connie Hair of Human Events has another excellent and extremely detailed description of how Reid's schedule will have to work if he's going to reach his promised Christmas Eve vote.  It's a fascinating read for those of us political nerds who are into these things.

See "Health Care by Christmas Eve?", Connie Hair,, 12/18/09

I asked Connie for a little clarification about the Manager's Amendment versus the replacement amendment, and here's what she said:

The manager’s amendment is the final amendment that always cleans up a bill, adding things at the last minute.  It is the prerogative of the person managing the bill, in this case Harry Reid.  There are manager’s amendments in both the House and the Senate.

The replacement amendment is the base health care bill.  When they brought the military tax bill to the floor of the Senate, they had gut it and put something there on health care that they could start amending.  What they put in place of the military tax is the replacement amendment.  We’ve been amending the replacement all along.

The manager’s amendment will likely replace the whole damn thing, striking everything that’s been done to date and replacing it with Reid’s bill that’s being written now.  That’s not usually the case with a manager’s amendment.  It’s intended to be something that cleans up loose ends to make sure the bill does what the lawmakers intended it did.  This one will likely replace the whole bill.

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    12/18/09 @ 04:27:55 pm

    Thanks for the post, Rossputin! Bracing here in D.C. for the blizzard!