Craig Silverman: Why I Support Romney

My good friend Craig Silverman is many things: He's a Jewish Denver attorney who used to be Chief Deputy District Attorney for Denver, he's a former Democrat, and until recently he and Dan Caplis co-hosted one of the top radio shows in Colorado. Over the years, he has moved from being a moderate Democrat to being an Independent to temporarily registering as a Republican to participate in the caucus process before returning to Independent status.

And over the last few years, he has moved from being a supporter of Barack Obama to being vehemently opposed to him, and thus supporting Mitt Romney (even while not being extremely enthusiastic about Romney, a feeling shared by many, in large part due to Romney's inability to market himself as well as someone with his character and background should be marketed.)

In an article for, Craig lays out his views regarding Obama's many failures. I find it a compelling argument, especially for those in the political center.

I encourage you all to read Craig's note, and share it with anyone you think might be persuaded by Craig's intense buyer's remorse:

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