Cult: Blizzards caused by global warming. No, really!!

Members of the cult of Algore, like every climate reporter for the NY Times, are desperate to convince us that people are freezing to death across Europe and stuck in blizzards in the US because of...wait for warming.

Times reporter Judah Cohen penned an article a couple of days ago entitled "Bundle up, it's global warming."

Their pathetic desperation to try to explain how people's frostbitten toes are due to global warming would be funny if it weren't motivated by anti-capitalist and anti-American bias.

Even if you were to buy the alarmists grasping "science", it's interesting how they never take the next logical step:  If global warming can cause cooling, then the cooling should...wait for the planet, including the oceans.  In other words, like most natural phenomena we see on earth (such as, for example, too many deer creating a temporary increase in the population of mountain lions...until the deer population can no longer sustain the extra predators who then reduce their reproduction), climate change is -- and has ever been -- cyclical.

It's also worth noting that the British left-wing Guardian newspaper offers perhaps the most honest assessment of one of the greatest risks of "global warming": Certain species of butterfly are becoming more common in Scotland.  The horrors!

Let's be clear: Climate does change.  But the idea that humans have a substantial impact on it is an exercise in massive egoism motivated by a deep-seated hatred not just of industrial society but of all true human progress.  Climate alarmists should be thought of no differently than you'd think of any other Marxists or opportunists, as naive and modestly dangerous parasites who should be dealt with through the anti-biotic of rational thinking and clear-minded voting.

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