Dana Milbank: Washington Post's moron of the month

In Dana Milbank's reprehensible hit-piece on Senator James Inhofe last week, he calls Inhofe a "flat-earther" even though much or most new data point toward the alarmists being the deniers of reality. In this flat earth drama, maybe Inhofe is playing Columbus.  I'm not saying that Inhofe is a scientist, but clearly he reads the latest science, unlike Senators Boxer, Kerry, Graham, and Voinovich.  In any case, is the truth based on a majority vote?  Were Galilieo or Copernicus wrong just because the church or king said they were?

Milbank sarcastically calls Senator Graham a "traitor", presumably what he believes Senator Inhofe to be thinking.   But couldn't Inhofe's supposed view be right?  Indeed, are Republicans who go along with what would be the biggest tax increase in US history as well as the largest increase in federal government intrusiveness into private industry in order to solve a "problem" that appears more each day to be a fiction not traitors only to what the GOP is supposed to stand for, but traitors to reason itself?

Milbank makes fun of "poor Inhofe" in a way which is, or should be, beneath a Washington Post columnist.  And he characterizes Inhofe this way just before writing Inhofe's statement that the science has "already shifted" against the alarmists, which is true.  Thus, the only point of Milbank's "poor Inhofe" was to poison Inhofe's opinion in the mind of Washington Post readers, to make sure they ignore Inhofe's statement, just as an official of the Catholic Church would have tried to deride Galileo:  Not just in case Galileo was right, but because the existing religion, which is what global warming alarmism is, has so much to lose by being proven wrong.

Finally, Milbank suggests that if Inhofe had made a long response to Senator Kerry's droning on, the response might not have "made any sense."  Again, this is nothing more than poisoning the well, trying to permanently damage the credibility of the only Senator who has the political courage to forcefully speak the truth about the issue.  It's not that Inhofe's response would have been senseless, it's that it would have diverged from the religious orthodoxy which Milbank is so desperate to enforce, despite the cost -- in both dollars and freedom -- to all Americans.

Actually, Milbank isn't the Post's moron of the month. His column was technically in October.  I'm sure the Post will find someone else worthy of the title in November.

  • Ed Ucated
    Comment from: Ed Ucated
    12/08/09 @ 11:54:18 am

    It's a toss-up as to who has his head stuck further up his own ass. Inhofe is a proven leader in this category, but this unknown dingleberry who calls himself Rossputin is a real contender. You won't be helping America, so just stay out of the way or be trampled, asswipe.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    12/08/09 @ 11:59:10 am

    Very nice note, Gene. Just what am I supposed to stay out of the way of? The Algore propaganda machine? Why don't you address one FACT about the HOAX of AGW?

  • Reality Check
    Comment from: Reality Check
    02/28/10 @ 11:18:33 am

    If there was any justice in this world, the whole environmental cabal would be brought up on RICO charges. That is how they bully and intimdate, and squash evidence and basically take an "Omerta" approach to this issue. The larger lesson is that environmental regulation is such a perfect foil for all of the non-productive members of society - the unelected bureaucrats, the media enablers, the think-tanks propounding these ridiculous views while sucking up to the huge donors who feed them the money, the corporations who are lining up at the "green" trough, and all the advocates who see an opportunity for more, bigger, more intrusive government. And now they brainwash the kids in school that people are bad, and the planet is good, so they need to tell their parents that they shouldn't use any fuels. Huh?? When did we go down this Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole? Guys like Millbank are pointing the way, essentially saying - "if you don't jump into this vat of Kool-Aid, you are no better than a mass murderer". The SuperBowl commercial had it right. Guys like Millbank are the advance guard for the eco-police would would love to take over everything in the name of......taking over everything! Why, to save the planet of course! I suppose we should capitalize the P in planet, because it is their new deity. This clearly is nothing more than the newest, most insidious religous cult. It has to be stopped, because unlike most religious cults, this one is not harmless and it is projecting its view into everyone's affairs and trying to modify them accordingly. Stay out of my life, eco-maniacs. The world is not ending. Get a life, become literate in the physical sciences - don't just parrot each others slick phraseology. There is no AGW, if for no other simple reason than the fact that the "A" in AGW is a tiny, tiny sliver of all of the GHG's that are present. That your ilk cannot figure this out should be an embarrassment to your species, but your arrogance trumps all. AGW will prove to be the greatest hoax in the history of mankind.