David Brooks doesn't get Barack Obama

In yesterday's New York Times, columnist David Brooks notes that President Obama's popularity is declining because he's working with the far-left leadership of Congress to push a far-left agenda.  (Let me put on my big surprise face!)  Brooks suggests that Obama needs to "rebalance"..a suggestion which shows that Brooks does not understand our President.  Following is the letter I sent to the NY Times in response:


What David Brooks misses when he calls for President Obama to "rebalance" away from his far-left positions is that Mr. Obama is a committed leftist ideologue who would, unlike most politicians, be willing to forgo winning his next election if it meant he could pass his pro-union, anti-capitalist, big-government agenda.  This is not just one person's theory; it was said by President Obama himself -- though obviously describing his agenda differently -- to a member of Congress I recently spoke with.

To the extent that Barack Obama ever appears to move away from the left, we can rest assured that it is simply a tactic in his Saul Alinsky-inspired quest to get as many people as possible dependent on government.  Asking him to ever move truly to the center would be like asking a lion to occasionally have a salad for dinner.



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