Deep-water breath-holding base-jumping

H/T Mike R.

This truly amazing video is making its way around the web.  Although it is phenomenal, a caveat from Guillaume Nery is never mentioned on the sites which are making the video "viral".

Nery's caveat:

This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT, I don't claim to have reached the bottom of the hole (202m) without rope and fins, as the world record in no-fins discipline is 95m.

We made this movie to show another approach in freediving videos. We wanted to express the strength of the elements water-earth-air and the sensations of freedom, harmony, exploration.

All the shots were made on breath hold by Julie Gautier.

Nevertheless, the video is stunning and, if I'm reading Nery's caveat correctly, he's saying that he did breath-hold dive down to over 600 feet with the aid of fins and rope.  If I could do that to 60 feet, I'd be stunned.  Furthermore, his cameraman (camerawoman, actually) also did the filming while holding her breath.

Nery and Gautier both show the artistry and physical capability that humans have within us even if most of us never realize them to a great degree.

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  • kjdiamond
    Comment from: kjdiamond
    06/14/10 @ 11:53:31 am

    Amazing. But more importantly does he have any experience capping a well at 5000ft?