Defending Bain, better late than never

After months of allowing the Obama campaign and their useful idiots in the media to define Mitt Romney (and more generally all venture capitalists) as heartless predators, Romney is finally fighting back.

During the last evening of the Republican National Convention, the campaign released a slew of pro-Bain videos, some of which you can watch below and all of which are available on Romney's YouTube channel.

I found them effective antidotes to the Democrats' Big Lie that Romney and Bain's modus operandi was to raid corporations, saddle them with debt, close them down, and cause cancer in the employees' spouses.

Romney's job-creating career is truly remarkable. And his impact on the 2002 Olympics, as told by grateful Olympians on Thursday night, is inspiring and suggests precisely the kind of leader this nation needs, now more than ever.

But perhaps most impressive -- from my perspective as someone who has had very modest success in "private equity" investing -- was the degree to which Romney learned not only the details of the businesses he invested in but also learned and cared about those companies' employees. And not just the CEOs but employees right down the line. If there were ever a venture capitalist who was not a heartless predator, it is Mitt Romney.

The Romney campaign has also launched -- and I hope you'll share the link widely -- a new web page laying out Romney's "Sterling Business Career" on which they discuss companies that Bain Capital helped begin, fixed, or rescued -- one of which was Romney's former employer, the consulting firm Bain & Co.

The tag line for the web page, which is also reachable at is "Governor Romney's work at Bain Capital was about fixing companies that were broken and giving new companies a shot at success."

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    09/03/12 @ 10:02:43 pm

    Here's a hit piece by lefty Rollingstone Magazine. Clear Channel Radio was a company saved by Bain. With all the entertainment choices of today, they were able to tie together all their stations and let you choose a customized "station" for yourself by means of the iheart app. I am personal friends of top mgmnt. at two of those stations and even though there have been some layoffs as radio competes, no vampire has come along and sucked the cash out of the company. Compare with government funded NPR. How are those ratings doing lately?

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    09/03/12 @ 10:05:10 pm

    The format wouldn't let me post the Rollingstone article (illegal content was the error message)

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