Defending Larry Kudlow

There was a tempest in a teapot on Monday after Larry Kudlow commented that "The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that."

What annoyed me most about the story was that it reached my mother who, not being a news junkie and not being any more likely than the average Internet user to fact-check, sent me a clip of the quote along with another sentence that made it sound as if Kudlow had intended the remark the way it sounded.

While I've only met Larry in person twice and only been on his show once, I actually consider him a friend and think I understand him at least a little bit.

Here's what I told my mother about this: "There's no way Kudlow meant that the way it sounded. Especially given the rough road he's traveled personally and his deep religious convictions, he would NEVER intentionally suggest that anything economic is more important than human life."

Seriously, people, just being involved in markets and finance (as I am) doesn't make one cold and heartless (at least not outside of trading hours).  Larry Kudlow in particular is a guy who, while passionate about his work and deeply ingraied with free-market economics, would never put a dollar before the well-being of a person, including an anonymous stranger in Japan.

Perhaps because I do consider Kudlow a friend, I'm a little more annoyed with this situation than most.  Maybe even more annoyed than Larry who, I'd be willing to bet big money, knows in his heart that he most certainly didn't intend his words the way they sounded.

I trust that this will come to nothing, though I'm certain there are enough MSNBC-watching idiot leftist trolls (who anticipate never making enough money to have to care about economics and finance anyway since they'll sponge off the taxes of those of us who do make a living) who will contact CNBC about the incident that Larry mght get pressured to make a public apology for a slip of the tongue.  Knowing Larry, he might want to make that apology anyway even though it's more than his critics deserve.

  • 30thirdwart
    Comment from: 30thirdwart
    04/02/11 @ 06:15:01 pm

    Defending Larry Kudlow the shallow way you have done here does nothing for this man's disgusting attitude toward mankind. So you've met someone twice and consider this man a friend enough to defend him? You are off your nut. The fact that you were on a TV show with him 1 of those times is neither impressive nor does it persuade. I'm not sure if Kudlow has publicly apologized, but even if he felt he "needed to" to save face - I'd be highly skeptical bc I don't think he said anything he didn't mean. Sorry money leechers. Just not buying it.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    04/02/11 @ 06:30:24 pm

    Actually, being on his TV show was not one of the times I met him. The two times were dinners, and one was just me and him talking about life, the universe and everything. Let me put it this way: Who knows Kudlow better, me or you? I rest my case.

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