Difficult Days in Denver

Following the mass murder in a Colorado movie theater last Thursday night, I had the "opportunity," a word I choose carefully, to host 12 hours of talk radio over three consecutive mornings, from Saturday (when I had a co-host) through Monday, on Denver's NewsRadio 850 KOA.

I went into the first show with some sense of dread. After all, what does one say -- and what does one expect to hear from callers -- about the death of a dozen innocents, a dozen members of our community who were people's sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, friends and lovers?

And about the injuries, some of them critical, to fifty more, including 25-year old Ashley Moser who was shot three times, including a bullet to the neck which has left her paralyzed and who, more importantly, learned about 48 hours after the shooting that her six year old daughter, Veronica, had been killed in the theater. The main reason the pregnant Ashley Moser clings to her will to live is the miracle that her unborn child has survived Ashley's having also been shot in the abdomen.

For several reasons, I made a decision -- and lived by it -- not to mention the killer's name on the air. I also refused to take calls about, or have discussions about, gun laws, the Second Amendment, Republicans or Democrats, Obama or Romney, or anything not primarily related to celebrating the lives of the victims, honoring heroes, and supporting our community in any way I could.

The thing was, I really doubted that there was any way I could.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator:

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    07/27/12 @ 10:40:17 am

    When the economic collapse comes and their is no more funding for national guard, police or military and the mobs start going neighborhood to loot and kill, you can be thankful for the second amendment and the assualt rifles that may very well return order to a chaotic society.

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