DNC causing furloughs of non-union workers for convention

In a solid piece of journalism, RedState.com is reporting that organizers of the Democratic presidential convention which is to be held in Charlotte, NC, are refusing to offer any contracts to non-unionized shops and further are causing the temporary (we hope) layoff of non-unionized hotel employees (such as at the Ritz-Carlton) during the convention.

This could be the first convention in history (or at least the first I know of) which could be responsible for increasing local unemployment because of the Democrats' unbending fealty to unions.

This could and should be a PR disaster for Democrats, not least because they are hoping that they might have a chance for Barack Obama to win North Carolina again, as he did in 2012. My bet is that Obama loses the state by at least 5 points, with the convention now becoming a political liability rather than benefit to them.

The public is coming to realize that labor unions -- especially public sector unions -- are parasites on the American economy. Even though the unions involved here are private sector, this will be one of the best opportunities in recent memory to show the destructive impact of their 21st-century existence for which there is no legitimate justification. Unions cause unemployment in several ways, but few will be as visible as this.

Nice work by "LaborUnionReport" over at RedState.com.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    11/07/11 @ 08:20:22 am

    Compare that with Boeing in North Carolina (non union shop) "The Boeing Company is proud to work with over 200 businesses in North Carolina to create jobs and economic opportunity as we work together to provide the world’s most advanced aerospace products and services. 2010 Annual Data Boeing Supplier/Vendor Locations in North Carolina: 222 Boeing Supplier/Vendor Purchases in North Carolina: $201,667,600 Supporting an additional 8,000 direct and indirect jobs in the State of North Carolina. Boeing Employees in North Carolina: 204 Boeing Retirees in North Carolina: 1,624 Boeing Charitable Contributions in North Carolina: $245,043" Because of delays of production, Boeing had several hundred cancellations of orders for their new 787 plane which is partly being built in NC. http://www.boeing.com/aboutus/govt_ops/state_cards/card_NC.pdf

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    11/07/11 @ 08:29:42 am

    http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505145_162-33542105/bank-of-americas-new-ritz-carlton/?tag=bnetdomain It turns out that Bank of America is the owner of the RC in Charlotte, so, I guess the democrats have to show solidarity with Occupy and "put if to" the banks. It was certified a green building by the way.

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