Don't trust polls from a fake "Institute"

[Update: I was pleased to see that the Grand Junction Sentinel published my letter...]

As Ben DeGrow has noted in some detail, the Colorado Policy Institute, although named to sound like an independent think tank, is essentially an arm of Scott McInnis's gubernatorial campaign (and also has close ties to the Jane Norton Senate campaign.)

Following a straw poll in Keystone/Frisco last week in which State Senator Josh Penry trounced Scott McInnis, I noticed (while visiting Grand Junction) that the Grand Junction Sentinel ran an article which, after noting the Keystone/Frisco result, mentioned a poll put out by the Colorado Policy Institute.

The following is the letter I sent to the Sentinel in response to their article:

The Sentinel does no favors for its readers by allowing Scott McInnis to "tout" a poll released by the Colorado Policy Institute showing him leading Josh Penry. The Colorado Policy Institute is run by Sean Tonner, whom McInnis has said is working for his campaign. McInnis also has said that  Monica Owens, daughter of our former governor, is working for him.  And guess what? She's an employee of Tonner's political consulting company.  In other words, the people behind the Colorado Policy Institute are anything but objective and their polls, whether about the Governor's race or anything else, are not to be trusted. Given the poor quality of Scott McInnis's campaign so far, it is more likely that the result of the Keystone/Frisco straw poll, showing Josh Penry well ahead among the GOP activist base, represents the true current situation.

[Note: has the audio of a McInnis phone call where he says the things I assert in my note to the GJ Sentinel.]


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