Douglas County school choice plan gets national attention

Bob Bowden, the director of the education documentary, The Cartel, is bringing attention to a major school choice battle right here in Colorado -- in Douglas County, to be precise.

His organization, Choice Media, has put out a short and informative video on the situation which parents across the state and nation should be paying attention to as teachers' unions show yet again that they care nothing for educational quality and student achievement and everything for lining their own coffers.

You can watch the video and learn a little more about the story here:

My friend Ben DeGrow, of the Independence Institute, has also put together a video of some family testimonials which can (and should) be seen here:

I reached out to John Carson, president of the Douglas County School Board for comment, and here's what he said:

Ross, all three of the candidates supporting the Choice Scholarship Program (CSP) won election last week.  Their opponents all ran in strong opposition to the program and were rejected by the voters.  This was a clear mandate to continue to expand school choice in Douglas County.  Our Board remains 7-0 in support of the program.  We are currently continuing with the appeal process in the CSP court decision and expect the Colorado Court of Appeals to hear the case this winter.
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