Ending the Economic Error

Barack Obama and his supporters at the Democratic National Convention will mostly avoid the topic of unemployment, as unfavorable a subject as that is for Democrats' reelection chances. Still, we will inevitably hear a mantra like "the trend is in the right direction even if slower than we'd like" as an argument to give Barack Obama another four years so he can "finish what he started."

Beside the illogic of suggesting we give a failure four more years to fail further, one approach to unemployment data offers a very different lesson from the positive spin Democrats will give it.

In particular, the Obama team wants you to look at this chart, showing his entire term thus far, hoping that you focus on the modestly declining unemployment rate over the past 20 months.

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  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    09/09/12 @ 03:43:09 pm

    When I hear Romney at his campaign stops now, he's saying that "he knows how to reach across the isle and compromise to get things done". NO, that's not what we want. We want to defeat the left. It is their ideas and policy that got us to this point, why would we want any part of what they offer? He now says that there will be closing of tax loopholes of the top earners and they will be paying the most. I've come to the conclusion that we may need 4 more years of Obama to finally bring us to the point where we can run a true conservative and move more voters off the bench onto our side because more people will be enlightened as to what the left is all about. It is a risk but I certainly don't want another McCain. We need Superman but I'm afraid we ended up with Clark Kent.

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