Enjoy the Superbowl!

Happy Superbowl Sunday, everyone. I'm taking a day off from blogging to plow the snowdrifts out of my driveway, have lunch at our local Nepalese/Indian restaurant, and enjoy what I hope will be a great Superbowl. (I'm betting small on Indy even though I lived in Chicago for a long time. Urlacher is one of the best defensive players ever, but I just don't see how Grossman can win a Superbowl. Anyway, if Chicago wins, I won't be sad.) For your viewing enjoyment, here's a picture of Lili walking around at the very nice Nueva Posada hotel in the town of Ajijic on the banks of Lake Chapala, about half an hour south of Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city. There's some Ajijic and Lake Chapala area info here: http://www.ajijic.com/info_area_overview2.htm Ajijic is a funny little town. It and the area around it have become a retirement haven for Americans and Canadians. So while there are lots of typical mexican shops in the town, there are also plenty of art galleries and restaurants with gringos working behind the counter (and probably owning the shop.) If you do a Google search for Ajijic, you'll notice that there are many ads for real estate agencies and rental services. There are gated communities and many nice houses on the edges of town, and real estate is priced in US dollars. We're thinking of renting a place there or some other "artsy" part of Mexico next winter so that Kristen can get out of the cold for a while and we can put Lili into a Mexican pre-school for some Spanish immersion. Have a great Sunday!
  • Chicago Real Estate
    Comment from: Chicago Real Estate
    02/04/07 @ 10:49:00 am

    Bears 62 Indy 6 Go Bears!

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    02/04/07 @ 11:11:47 am

    OK, as long as someone's making a prediction, here's mine: Indy 34 Chicago 16 It all depends on whether Indy can protect Manning.

  • Mike DePinto
    Comment from: Mike DePinto
    02/04/07 @ 10:16:48 pm

    Nice call on Grossman blowing the game. Grossman's miss of a wide open receiver that ended in an interception cost the Bears any chance of winning. At least you made some money.