Eric Weissmann for Congress


For those of you who are Republicans living in Colorado's 2nd Congressional District, which includes the counties of Boulder, Larimer, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Summit, and Grand, along with the eastern part of Eagle County and the western part of Jefferson County, it's time to vote in the GOP primary. My choice is Eric Weissmann.

The winner of this election will go on to face Congressman Jared Polis (who is a friend of mine, and about whom I have nothing bad to say except that he is a liberal Democrat...which is bad enough when we're talking about politics.)

This district still has a slight Democrat registration advantage, but it's very slight -- just under 2 percent; nothing like the 12 point edge it had before last year's redistricting.

In other words, this district can be competitive, though to be sure it won't be easy to beat an incumbent Democrat with very deep pockets.

But difficult doesn't mean it's not worth trying.

And in my view, the only Republican candidate who has a chance to beat Jared Polis is Eric Weissmann (also a friend of mine.)

Eric is a successful businessman who has built and raised money for several companies, including right here in Colorado where he's created over 100 jobs.

More importantly, he is a committed constitutional conservative who understands that good principles lead to good policy.

Hard-core conservatives may object to the fact that Eric is not a social issues conservative. He is intensely focused on economic issues and broader issues of liberty. But unlike Eric's primary Republican challenger, Kevin Lundberg, who is a social issues conservative, Eric would have a chance to beat Jared Polis. Lundberg would have no chance at all in a district where independent and moderate voters must be convinced to swing Republican if the GOP is to win. Additionally, I believe Eric would be able to raise substantially more money than Kevin would, and that will be a factor against a wealthy candidate like Jared.

I have nothing personally against Kevin Lundberg, and I appreciate that he adheres to strong conservative beliefs. But I don't believe he's been a particularly effective state senator, and more importantly, I believe he's been a politician for a long time, where Weissmann hasn't. Being more of a citizen-statesman, as Weissman is endeavoring to be, is not only far more likely to be a winning formula in this district, but it's also what the country is hungry for.

So, not only because I share Eric Weissmann's values and focus, but also because I believe he is the only Republican in the race with a chance to defeat Jared Polis, I offer my strong encouragement to Colorado's 2nd Congressional District Republicans to mark their primary ballots for Eric Weissmann.

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