Extortion Won’t Finance Trump’s Wall

On Tuesday, in an unsuccessful last ditch effort to revive his flagging hopes in the Wisconsin primary election, Donald Trump posted to his website a plan to “compel Mexico to pay for the wall.”

The heart of the plan is to threaten to amend federal regulations so that the Department of the Treasury can demand compliance by money wiring services with the Patriot Act’s “know your customer” banking regulations.

Illegal aliens who use these services would not be able to provide documentation that meets the standards required by the regulations and would therefore be unable to remit money to their families in Mexico, an amount estimated by the World Bank at about $24 billion in 2014.

You might think that the plan represents a level of cleverness beyond what we’ve seen from the Trump camp before. But lest you think that The Donald has suddenly had a fresh new idea, a proposal for “remittance status verification” was actually brought to the U.S. Senate, in slightly different form as S.79, in January 2015 by Senator David Vitter (D-LA).

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