Farewell from Rossputin.com

The last (nearly) eight years since starting blogging at Rossputin.com in 2004 has been a wonderful adventure in politics and media. I have graduated from having a modestly-trafficked web site to being considered one of Colorado's more influential pro-liberty bloggers and to writing for national publications such as the American Spectator, a remarkable publication which I am honored to be associated with. I have also gone from occasional radio guest-hosting, to having my own show on a small station, to now having a Sunday show on 850 KOA, the market-leader among talk stations in Colorado, an accomplishment which I am very proud of.

Life changes, as it is wont to do, bringing different focuses in business, kids growing up, and other things which alter (and usually increase) the demands on one's time.

With all those changes, mostly happy ones, and with my increased commitment to radio and to other writing, I hope that my friends and readers will understand when I let you know that I've decided to give up daily blogging on these pages.

On the rare occasion when I post something new on these pages, it will show up on my Facebook page and my Twitter feed, so anyone who "likes" or "follows" those will be alerted, should they care to be, of a new article here. But I do not expect to write again at Rossputin.com with any frequency other than perhaps linking to articles I write elsewhere.

I will continue to write for and contribute to the American Spectator for as long as they will have me, and make efforts to write occasional opinion pieces for other publications. And I will endeavor to further my radio "career" as well, hoping many of you will be listening.

So, my friends, readers, and blogosphere colleagues, it is with mixed emotions but a clear sense that I am making the right decision that I close this chapter of my writing/media career by ending my regular blogging at the pages of Rossputin.com

I am truly grateful to all of you who have offered comment, debate, and especially encouragement in what has been for me (and I know is for my other fellow pro-liberty bloggers in Colorado) a labor of love -- particularly love for our country and its founding principles. My batteries have always been recharged by those fellow patriots who remind me that I am not alone, and who I hope have taken similar comfort from me.

I will keep fighting for the principles I hold dear in the ways that make the most sense for me. I hope to see and hear from you on the political and economic battlefield as we try to defeat the dark forces of "progressivism" at home and Islamism overseas, each of which intends to replace the values of our Founding with something that Madison and Jefferson would simply not recognize as America.

As a last political comment on these pages, at least for some time, I offer you this prediction: Mitt Romney will be elected president in November, but it will be a challenging and occasionally disheartening struggle for Republicans to try to influence him and congressional Republicans to stand up for free men and free markets. I make the first half of this prediction with less confidence than the second half.

Again, thank you all for the years of support and conversation, and I hope that for at least a few of you, at least once or twice, I have caused you to rethink an issue or a vote in a way which tended to further the cause of liberty. I also hope you'll continue the conversation and journey with me in other venues.

With that, the pages of Rossputin.com bid you a fond farewell, but I hope you'll stick with me, such as by reading my work at the American Spectator and listening to my radio show. Being a daily blogger has been a wonderful experience, and I hope you'll keep in touch as I take the next steps in my adventure in politics and media.

  • cololab
    Comment from: cololab
    06/12/12 @ 11:14:43 am

    Ross, It was with great sadness that I read your farewell message. Your blog has been such a tremendous contribution to those of us who are interested in the facts surrounding current events and affairs. All the best to you, Steve (retired ICE supervisor)

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