Follow up #2: FDA panel reverses itself and allows sales of breast implants In a sudden flash of logic, the FDA panel which yesterday refused to allow resumption of silicone breast implant sales today changed their collective mind and voted 7-2 to allow those sales, apparently after finding testimony by a different company more compelling. Or maybe they've been reading my blog. I've written enough about this already, so I assume you know I think this is clearly the right decision and should have been 9-0. According to the AP report on the hearing, one of the conditions of sale will be that "Prospective patients must sign consent forms acknowledging that the implants ultimately may break and require removal or replacement." This is all that should ever have been required given the utter lack of scientific evidence to ban these implants. Any other outcome would have been a ridiculous increase in our Nanny State. What would be next, telling me I can't eat fast food or buy a fast car or go snowboarding? Life is not risk-free and government should not try to make it so. I hope the FDA has the common sense to accept the panel's recommendation.
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